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What Makes the Connectual Business Model Defensible?

FAQ #11

Thursday, May 7, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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If all Connectual brings to bear are strategy and relationships, what makes the model sustainable?

First, let's not overlook the importance of having a comprehensive grasp on digital marketing strategy and a huge network of digital marketing decision-makers. That said, over time, I will develop and launch proprietary technology platforms to accelerate the process of connecting the digital marketing ecosystem both from a B2B and B2C standpoint. These systems will deliver unique offerings in the marketplace to underserved constituents and economies of scale to Connectual and its partners.
This post is part of a series addressing frequently-asked questions about Connectual. For more context and the full list of FAQs, read Why Connectual?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's question -- "What Makes You Qualified to do This?"



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