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Why Connectual?

And Other FAQs

Sunday, April 26, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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In the two weeks that have passed since the Connectual launch, the one question I've gotten more than any other is, "Why Connectual?"

People want to know why I started the company. And they want to know why I think it'll succeed in its mission to connect the digital marketing ecosystem -- i.e. Why would companies want to work with me? What's the unique selling proposition?

I covered what compelled me to start the company in my recent Search Insider column, "It's Time to Get Connectual." Now it's time lay out what differentiates Connectual and address the other frequently-asked questions listed below.

Starting tomorrow, I'll cover one of these FAQs each day until I've gotten to them all. Please let me know what other topics you'd like to see here and weigh in with your feedback on my responses.

    1. What’s the Value Proposition to Marketers?
    2. Will Connectual Replace Agencies and Consultants?
    3. How does Connectual Make Money?
    4. How can Connectual Stay Objective if it's Compensated by Sellers?
    5. Does Working through Connectual Mean Higher Rates for Buyers?
    6. Why Would Providers Allow Connectual to Represent Them?
    7. Are Connectual Partnerships Exclusive?
    8. Who are the Current Employees and Investors in Connectual?
    9. How does Connectual Plan to Grow?
    10. How does Connectual Avoid Conflicts of Interest?
    11. What Makes the Connectual Business Model Defensible?
    12. What Makes You Qualified to do This?
    13. Do You Really Know All Those Companies on the Connections Page?

    Updates: Here are additional FAQs I've added...

    14. What Do You Do Every Day?
    15. Why Doesn't Connectual use an Hourly Rate for Consulting?
    16. Why Did You Join Kenshoo?


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