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How does Connectual Avoid Conflicts of Interest?

FAQ #10

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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No Connectual agent will work with more than one provider in a defined vertical on a retained basis. This is the only way to protect the intellectual property of the companies represented by Connectual. Furthermore, each provider agreement includes a strict NDA governing the disclosure of confidential information. Part of being Connectual means maintaining the utmost levels of integrity and business ethics. I will personally remove myself from any situation that requires me to compromise these principles and demand no less from future Connectual agents.

That said, it's important that Connectual agents maintain objectivity and source the right provider for each unique business challenge. Accordingly, there may be situations where a Connectual agent refers business to more than one company in a particular category. In those instances, the scope of those relationships will be introductions and hand-offs only, nothing that requires discussing confidential information.

As for how Connectual can work with more than one marketer in a given vertical? The same way McKinsey can... or Google, for that matter.
This post is part of a series addressing frequently-asked questions about Connectual. For more context and the full list of FAQs, read Why Connectual?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's question -- "What Makes the Connectual Business Model Defensible?"



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