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The Connectual Twitter Pitch

What the Company Does in Under 140 Characters

Thursday, June 18, 2009 | Posted by Aaron Goldman

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The elevator pitch is dead. Long live the Twitter pitch!

I was inspired by a recent tweet from @ginidietrich that was retweeted by @LenKendall and asked, "Can you describe what your company does in under 140 characters?" The reference was to a recent BusinessWeek column by Carmine Gallo expounding the virtue, "Sell More by Saying Less."

The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle is really something I take to heart. My colleague Tom Kuthy, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Resolution Media, is a champion of clear and concise communication and pushed me a few months ago to revisit how I articulated the value prop. of Connectual -- leading to my FAQ series and updates of headlines and sidebars on the Services page and sub-pages of this site.

Methinks it's time to revisit the homepage now. As the first impression on new visitors, the homepage of any site must leave people with no question about what the company does. Currently the copy starts as follows: "Connectual is a rep firm dedicated to connecting the digital marketing ecosystem and driving growth for its inhabitants."

At first, I was enamored with this verbiage and its play on the whole ecoystem thing. But lately "ecosystem" has become an overused buzzword as proclaimed by @jaffejuice.

So I started experimenting with other one-liners via Twitter to see if I could more clearly spell out what the company does in under 140 characaters.

Here was the progression...

Connectual Twitter Pitch #1

Connectual Twitter Pitch #2

Connectual Twitter Pitch #3

Connectual Twitter Pitch #4

Connectual Twitter Pitch #5

Connectual Twitter Pitch #6

Connectual Twitter Pitch #7

Easy enough, right? Broad enough to capture the scope of services and all the constituents. And basic enough to pass the Mom test. Sometimes the key here is not to overthink it. So I won't. 

Starting today, you'll see updated copy on the Connectual homepage and About page reflecting the new Connectual Twitter pitch. Of course, this will evolve over time but I pledge to never let it creep over 140 characters. Unless Flutter becomes all the rage and I need to get it under 26 characters -- then all bets are off!

Update 5/28/10: as the business has evolved, so has the Connectual Twitter pitch. Yesterday, I tested out a few different positioning statements to reflect a greater emphasis on digital marketing consulting and recruiting -- the latter of which I rolled up into "matchmaking." Here was the progression...

I asked followers to weigh in and eventually sided with @MattKDecide who tweeted...

Point taken and the winner is, "Connectual is a digital marketing consulting and matchmaking firm that helps with practice development, recruiting, and partner sourcing." ... for now! 


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